1. Choose the card category you are looking for.

  2. Select your card from the variety of designs by clicking the select button.

  3. Choose the color of the card from the different color options for the same card.

  4. Type the salutation (e.g) Dear Dad, Dear friend etc.

  5. Type the signing of (e.g) With love, with regards etc.

  6. Type the send by name

  7. Type your inner page message

  8. Add your card to the shopping cart.

  9. Click shop more button to shop more cards or else click the check out button to navigate to the order detail page.

  10. In order detail page enter the billing and shipping details.

  11. Select your mode of delivery and click continue to navigate to order form page

  12. In the Order Form page, select the mode of payment from Direct Cash, Direct Deposit / Money Tranfer to the Cards Garden Account or Credit Card and click the order confirm button to place the order.

  13. You will receive an order registration email from Cards Garden.

  14. Your card will be getting started printing as soon as the payment and photo are received from you.